McCalls M5633 Cargo Pants-Entry 10-WE HAVE PANTS!

People, I am sitting in my new pair of cargo pants!

So a few days ago I had gone to cut out my fabric and to my utter dismay was short by about 1/4 yard.

On Saturday I got up early and drove to Hancock Fabrics to see if I could find this particular fabric I wanted.  They had it!  But only just enough…but would you believe that next to it were about 10 other colors in various degrees of quality but all were on sale 50% off.  Long story short I picked up two more colors and spent about $6.00 a piece for each.

I already knew what I was going to do.  I definitely wanted to do a complete trial of my pattern.

I even did more changes to the pockets so it was a good experience to really test these out and check to make sure everything was working.

I did not sew on the back pocket yet, which I need to do, but I wanted to have the pants sewn up first so I could locate a proper placement.  It’s really difficult to do when the fabric is flat.

The only real problem I still have is in the back.  The fit is much much better as far as comfort is concerned but I’m not too confident in the way they look.  Grant-it these have not been pressed and they will look  a little different once I get them all washed, pressed and worn a little bit.  Maybe saggy butt is my specialty.

The zipper, I thought, was a little too high up on the center front and I wasn’t too thrilled with the instructions for installing the zipper.

There’s a point on the top-stitching that you can’t finish the topstitching because the extension flap is in the way.

I need to go back and use the Reader’s Digest method.  I believe they have you do the top stitching as one of the first steps instead of the last.  A good thing I made a trial run.

All told, it was about 8 hours of work.  I still need to finish the waist band, hem, make button holes, attach the back pockets and belt loops but I’m really happy that these came out!