The 16 Patch Pinwheel Project – About all I can do is sit and trim

I completed the ironing of the pinwheel blocks Mom and I took apart last week.

These are the last of the spiral pinwheels and now they are all ready to trim.

I’ve been using the 4″ square to trim these up.This morning I sat and trimmed up a dozen or so and then pinned the edges to feed into the sewing machine.I guess this process will take me a few days to complete.  It’s starting to go a little faster but still is a lot of work yet.

I’m not quite yet able to manage the Carolina Christmas Quilt binding yet.  I’ve already stumbled a couple of times and don’t want to risk standing again with this bulky thing until I’ve got some better leg control.

I’ve review my first binding strip and can’t help think that I need to take (rip) it off because I sewed the piping to the binding using the water-soluble thread.  How is that supposed to hold?  I’m going to check what I think is an error against Ricky’s video instructions.  It could just be me not paying attention but I just don’t see it happening.  Better take care of the problem now and re-do it (story of my quilting career huh?) and then finish it when my leg gets stronger.Later…


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    1. Yes…getting better tho! I love the blues. I think this is going to be a really nice one. Can’t wait until it is finished!


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