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Turn-In Saturday and Sun-Dogs

We turned Einstein in to CCI last Saturday.  It was a fairly un-eventful drive, pretty normal with Einstein sleeping all 6 hours curled up on his bed in the back of the car, changing positions every once in awhile only to move into a better position to capture the sun upon his fur.

We’d hear him yawn on occasion or see his head pop up to look at the landscape and then thud, his 78 pound frame would plunk back down again.  Followed in mere seconds by his snoring, quite content with whatever this long long drive was all about.


The best way I knew to prepare for this day is to compare this turn-in process like going to camp.  Other CCI’ers describe this as an ‘Off to College’ experience but I tend to think it more of a ‘Sleep-Away Camp’ like experience.

He’ll learn new things, make new friends, go on field trips, sleep in a tent (or kennel) and we’ll see him in a few months…or 6 or 9.DSCF2917

In total, there were 27 dogs turned-in, including Einstein’s brother Excel.  As luck would have it Excel is going to be Einstein’s bunk mate!  I’m sure the two of them are going to get along just great and may be eager to swap their puppy day experiences with each other! 

You know, as soon as we put Einstein in his kennel he ran back to the rear and started barking at all the other dogs.  He was pretty darn excited to be there.  He couldn’t believe his good fortune!  To be around so many dogs!!!  Like manna from heaven!!!

He was barking and tucking back into the back of the kennel when we said our good lucks and see ya soons.  We had to coax him back out to the front just for a picture.  We just hope he doesn’t cause too much of a ruckus and gets back to sleeping!!  The trainer’s said they LIKE dogs that SLEEP!  Funny.

On the drive home the weather was beautiful for a November day, the sky clear to partly cloudy and the temperature hitting 60 degrees.  Perfect conditions for a Sun Dog.DSCF2920

Sort of appropriate I think…


3 thoughts on “Turn-In Saturday and Sun-Dogs”

  1. I miss Einstein. Lance Mackey donated a bunch of dog food to the local dog hang-out and it reminded me of Einstein.


      1. He probably dreams about your home and tries to correlate the new place with it!! What a smart puppy 🙂 .


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