The JamCat Fleece Project – The Collar, The Zipper and The Bottom Band Part 3

I left off my last post with the bottom band finished except for the topstitching to enclose everything inside…I know,  I left you all hanging.

Hi Everyone!  Welcome back to the JamCat Fleece Project!  It is ALMOST finished!

When I returned for my next round of sewing I finished the topstitching on the bottom band, first folding back the bottom band over the zipper, stitching, then turning right side out…DSCF0670 Then pinning down…DSCF0674 I noticed about this time I was running dangerously low on thread (you know you’re getting close when the white of the spool shows up!)…DSCF0672 And in my angst to get the topstitching done I proceeded full speed ahead…DSCF0677 Finished the topstitching!  Still had thread but forgot to put in the Zipper Shield!!!!! AAAAggggghhhh!!!!

Uggh!  I hate when I forget to do something!  So I stopped, regrouped by going to the store for more thread.  Complained to the  cashier at JoAnn’s that thread is ridiculously expensive, even with a 40% off coupon, and came home to cut out the zipper guard.  I didn’t even pull out the pattern, I just cut a length of the fleece and the contrast fabric, sewed them right sides together and topstitched…

DSCF0682 trimmed to fit and was ready to get back to the end game on this project!

I did have to pick out about 4 inches of the stitching on the bottom band and redo that area but it wasn’t so bad…

DSCF0683 So…now the zipper guard is in place on the right side.  I fold down the collar and stitch…(for those that are paying attention you’ll notice I took this photo prior to my zipper guard ordeal!)DSCF0681 I turn the collar right side out, and decide what I’m going to use for a loop in the center back.  I’m going to need to add something here in order to hang up the jacket on a peg.  All of Jim’s other jackets have a loop here so I can’t get out of not giving him one for this project!

I thought of using the ribbon but found this twill tape in my scrap bin of odds and ends (this I think was off of some drawstring capri’s I had…I save just about everything!) and would you believe it is nearly a match on the color?

DSCF0623 I cut a length and make that loop…DSCF0688 Then fold the collar down, pin and hand baste the collar in place…DSCF0709 The Collar, the Zipper and the Bottom Band are now finished and it’s time to topstitch the finish!!!

DSCF0712 DSCF0713


DSCF0728 And find the hubby to try it on!  I need to get a length on the sleeve and that will wrap it up!  Friends, just one (or two) more things to do and this jacket is finished!!!

Till the next and final post!

Have a great day…


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  1. my name is judy and i got to know your mother-in-law at curves. she was telling me about your sewing blog. it is a very interesting — you are very creative. i will read your adventures again. thANK YOU jak


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