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The Pants Update – Revisiting the Katherine Hepburn Pant Tutorial

Hi Everyone,

In the next few weeks, as I sew from my list of fun new projects (including pants!), I am going to embark on a series of posts that will update two older posts from 2008 called “The Katherine Hepburn Inspired Trouser Pants”.

Those posts were my first attempt at a tutorial and I think you all will agree with me that the whole pants drafting tutorial NEEDS to be updated!  It’s time.  Sadly, most of the links in those posts don’t work (or tragically send you off to Auto Body shops!), and I think you all would find it interesting if I revisited this basic pant pattern and gave you some updated information…and give me an opportunity to make a few more video tutorials!  Sound like a fun time right?  I thought so!

So this is an announcement for anyone that might have that tutorial linked up or saved on their computer, at the end of these new updates I am going to take down that original post.  The new posts will be in a project series format similar to the other projects you see on the right.  If you want a print out of the old posts for posterity sake be sure to do that soon!

I sure am looking forward to this fun new series!  I hope you are too!




4 thoughts on “The Pants Update – Revisiting the Katherine Hepburn Pant Tutorial”

  1. Your new series does indeed sound like fun! I wasn’t following your blog back in 2008 when you did the pants draft posts, so I just had a look at them now. Good stuff!


  2. Hi there, I once used your tutorial for the Hepburn-trousers, but can’t find the tutorial any more. Is it still available ? If so, where can I find it ? Thanks


    1. Hi Erica,
      The tutorial is not currently available, however, I used the ‘modern pattern design’ directions to make them. A little googling and you should be able to find the free re-print. I’ll see about getting a .pdf file to you of my posts. Thanks! Cathy


      1. Hi there, came across this email … have you been able to find the pdf file with the swing trouser tutorial yet ? Thanks ! Erica


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