String Quilts

Stringing continues…


Hi Friends Again!

Not to be outdone by my little 5 pound, 5 star block I made yesterday I also wanted to show you the progress of my string piano key border for this string quilt.  Yesterday I auditioned a possible inner border.

My thought here is that the lighter fabric will break up the crazy craziness of these strings but the more I look at it I’m doubting I should do that.  Maybe keeping it crazy is what’s meant to happen!  Ha!  DSCF3771

I’ll have that border on most likely by the end of the weekend and then I think it will be ready to be quilted!

I still have LOTS of strings left to use (and now with my star block I just made I added to the pile!  Oh the insanity!)…DSCF3730

Hee hee weeeeeeeeeeee!

More later!


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