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What lies beneath! Oops, lost a leg!


Over the last few days more and more of the carpeting was removed!

As with every home improvement project we’ve done there are always surprises, take for example these razor blades that were underneath our carpeting for all these years!DSCF4083

Yikes!, glad they didn’t work their way up to be stepped on…and then there’s the prior owners’ carpeting order…DSCF4081

OH the stories this carpet could tell!  It has seen it’s day and I’m so glad to get rid of it!  I guess for all my complaining there really wasn’t much of a cleanup.  I had thought for sure there would have been tons of dust and dirt underneath but it wasn’t so bad.  Just glad to get rid of that carpet…alas there was somebody that was holding on to dear life…DSCF4088

“please don’t take my carpet..where will I lie down now?” says Jamba’s body language.  Good Grief…DSCF4089

Too funny, he was in full on determined protest!DSCF4091

And all three of the animals came out in full support…Animal Farm anyone?DSCF4092

Hmmm….must have had a floor harvest at one time….DSCF4093

And it was finally gone!  Whoo Hoo!

We did have one unfortunate event happen during the demo and moving of furniture…our beloved hand-me-down-re-upholstered-mid-century-modern-sofa-I-need-to-slipcover LOST IT’S LEG…again…DSCF4087

This time the leg needs to be completely replaced. It split completely away from the screws.  I was thinking this might be my chance to get a new sofa but I thought better of it.  When you have pets, especially raising young puppies and cats that keep their claws it’s best not to invest in really expensive furniture (lesson learned on this re-upholster job as you can see from the cat destruction!).  Slipcovers are your best friends!  Someday I’ll have a beautiful new sofa or sectional but I just don’t see it right now…

So add another project to the list, I’ll have to figure out a fix now for the sofa leg and keep going!

~Stay tuned!

Happy Sewing, Cathy


2 thoughts on “What lies beneath! Oops, lost a leg!”

    1. We are not going to keep this floor, mostly because it is damaged and missing A TON of tiles that we cannot find replacement parts. All of the parque floors available today are different sizes and thicknesses to this one. We will save some of the tiles for repair of the floor upstairs (it is the same) and then we are going to install a new wood floor in these rooms.


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