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The Hunt For Floor Continues!

Picking a floor is HARD!!!

Another week on the hunt for a great new wood floor has settled us on a contender!  We stopped off at Menards and bought a box of this Hickory Hand Scraped…DSCF4185Hickory has a wide range of variegation in its natural state but when it is stained the variegation gets toned down.  We’ve determined that we need to look in the brown and tan groups of wood in order to ‘go’ with our foyer tile and oak staircase/trim that is in the entry way.


A close up of the floor above and trying to visualize it below…furniture, drapes, and accessories will change as well as the wall color but just trying to get an idea if this is the one…


I also went back to Lumber Liquidators to see if anything else might work.  Here is another Hickory, this one by Casa de Colour but is a smooth floor and the boards are nice and wide…DSCF4206


And this one is Brazillian Chestnut!  Wow!  A smaller plank but there’s some really nice coloring.  A tad more expensive then the other two.


Another option was White Oak in a natural finish.  White oak has lots of color variation and is naturally a little brown, not so yellow as the Red Oak…


And lastly was the idea of a Rustic Maple, once again it has lots of color…DSCF4218

The floor saga is still going so I think we are narrowing down our options!



5 thoughts on “The Hunt For Floor Continues!”

  1. Choosing wood is tough! I’m really liking the rustic maple as it looks clean and almost marble like. That’s just me though…


  2. I know the picture is not the reality, but I do like that hickory you have laid down. It has a nice warm tone and seems to go well with the rocking chair which I know is like your dining room furniture. So… what I like, is the color. It also seems to have enough variations (shades) to go with the blue gray of your foyer tiles. I am reminded of that old Folger’s coffee commercial… it looks rich, warm, and strong! … and looks like fine furniture.


    1. The picture of the close-up shot is pretty close to reality/colors. It is nice. I guess when it is going to cost six thousand dollars to put a floor in we need to get it right! That chair is from our dining room btw and it does look good with it.


  3. oops! I don’t know why I thought it was a rocking chair. Maybe because it reminds me of one I have seen somewhere. Is this one of the floors you picked because of the barn picture tones?


    1. Yes, I was thinking of the barn picture. I’ve been searching for our ‘style’ and thought maybe a little bit rustic…but not really rustic came to mind.


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