45 Years Later I Learn How To Change A Battery!

Hi Friends,

This past week has been a whirlwind of activity!  The paintings were due, my parents came to visit, my niece and nephew had a big event to celebrate, our new windows arrived, our gas line was repaired, my husband went on his sales trip and just when you think you’ve managed to recover from that, guess what happened today?


My car battery died.



Oh why do these things always happen when I’m alone????  Character builders I guess.  Fortunately I had my jumper cables in my car and was able to get a jump at work to make it home.

Lots of things go through the mind in times like this.  Like:

“Do I drive the car to a shop and have someone do it for me?” or..
“Do I stop off at Walmart, Pep Boys, Batteries Plus, etc….and just buy a battery?”…
“Do I do it myself?”
“I mean, just how hard is it to change a car battery?”…
“Will I screw it up?”

…see…lots of things to ask yourself.  I mean, husbands, brothers and boy friends usually deal with this stuff right?

Well, I decided to put my BIG GIRL PANTIES on and fix my little battery problem.  I read everything there was about the battery in the owners manual, sounds I was supposed to listen to, troubleshooting and all.
Then I got online and watched this little video at carcarekiosk (the internet is an amazing place sometimes!) and got in my husbands truck to go to the store to buy a battery.

DSCF4812So off I went to the store to purchase the battery and came home.  I spent some time looking for tools that would work, gloves, glasses and old clothes and proceeded to follow the instructions…DSCF4813

In went the new battery…

Took me about 10 minutes…

Was it going to work?DSCF4815

Success!!!  Greasy thumb and all!!

I’ll let you all know in a later post if I happen to have missed something and my car doesn’t start tomorrow!  But for now?  BIG GIRL PANTIES Rock!!!


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