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Scenes From the Dashboard – The Working Dog!

We were downtown Chicago this past Saturday enjoying a brilliant day with family.  We walked around a bit and took an Architecture tour on the Chicago River (to which that will be an altogether separate post!).  But what I wanted to show you was this quick look at a working dog and see if you can pick up the subtleness of just how great this dog was…

I spotted him at the corner waiting for the light to turn before heading into the intersection.  It took me some time to get my camera ready (as these things always do!) and the light had already turned and the team was moving forward.  Notice how the dog is 1 step ahead of his partner!  The dog was constantly looking around him, at all the people and at all the cars!


As we waited for our turn with the light to make the left turn this team stopped and waited to go across this next street.  The man looked to be blind, or at best, visually impaired.  Just look at the position of the dog.  Out front, aware and waiting for the light.


Then as we turned left I looked back and saw a typical Chicago scene.  The light had now turned in the pedestrian’s favor to go forward into the intersection but now the intersection is full of cars and impossible to cross.  What looks like a bus stopping to pick up this man is just a bus stuck in the crosswalk.  The dog, ever to figure out a way to get around this bus was pulling the man back and away from the bus…DSCF5175

Buses don’t stop in the middle of the intersection to pick up passengers but I think this driver saw the blind man and was just being cautious here.  The dog kept pulling back, keeping the man safe, pretty amazing…

…and then we were through the intersection and on our way.

Just a glimpse through the dash of an amazing working dog team!

Pretty cool!


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