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Home Improvement — The Floor Begins!

Hi Everyone!

We (mostly Jim) started laying down our new wood floor!  Whoot!DSCF5613

The floor we chose is rustic maple in a natural finish.  I had a dickens of a time (does anyone say dickens anymore?) finding a pre-finished floor that would coordinate with the wood that already exists in the house.  This maple, with it’s variegated colors from creamy natural all the way to a mottled brown and gray was the solution!  I will say though, I didn’t think it was going to have THIS much of a contrast board to board.  It does work, funky contrast and all!

The floor will be toned down with those area rugs I bought…DSCF4247

..see that photo above to refresh the memory.  You can also see our front door and the hall closet.  The floor is looking great so far.  Jim spent an entire day laying out planks…DSCF5604

…and when I cam home with Jamba we both gave our thumbs up/paws up approval!DSCF5609

The plan for this room is to start on the longest straightest stretch, which happens to be in the middle of this room and run all the way into the kitchen.  We’ll lay the floor from the center to the new front window and then reverse direction and lay it back towards the other side of the room/dining room.

Once down we’ll move the furniture back in…as well as the family room furniture and lay the floor down in the family room…stay tuned!



5 thoughts on “Home Improvement — The Floor Begins!”

  1. Cathy and Jim that really looks good… and a lot or work. That must be the reason Mary Ann has been complaining about her back hurting all day.


  2. Hmmm! Funny thing, my back hurt all day and then disappeared the next day. I suspect it was my arthritis and the weather was changing. Oh well, like one old *** said “get used to it, that’s what getting old is all about”. Don’t you just love optimism?
    Anyway… the floor. Oh my! DAD said he loves it, but I was expecting something different. I will like the finished look quite well! Your picture of the area rug puts it in perspective. I was wondering: Do you have to decide where each piece goes? Or is there a plan? It does look like a lot of work.


    1. Yes, it IS a lot of work. It took us 6 hours yesterday to lay down that floor you see in the picture. We are tripping out over all the variegation in each board so it is taking us longer. We are looking at a board and think ‘Wow’ look at these worm holes, let’s find another piece to go with hit! Or if it has a gray color we look for similar. So that is taking longer. We like it and I guess that is all that matters. It actually is bright and reflects light which is what this room needs! It will be another few weeks before the reveal!


  3. Exactly what floor is this and where did you get it?? This color combo would go great with our house!


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