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Home Improvement Project – The Floor Moves Into The Kitchen!

In reality I really AM NOT a Hoarder!  I just play one every once in a while when the house goes under de-struction re-construction!  LOL!DSCF5734

This is our kitchen, circa 1960-70’s, looking into the family room and down the basement stairwell (unfinished).

Looking back into the dining room and living room from the kitchen…DSCF5735

We have to get the floor into the kitchen and turn the corner into the family room before we can remove these stabilizer boards and change direction in order to complete the living room.

So what that meant was I had to clean out some kitchen stuff and dismantle a portion of an IKEA shelf I’ve been using!   We dismantled the last section (not seen in the below photo) but to do it I had to take EVERYTHING out of it…DSCF5731

and put it someplace!  You know.  One just doesn’t remember this stuff!DSCF5733

I started sorting the crap stuff into piles…’Need’, ‘Don’t Need Right Now’, ‘RV’!

Yes!  RV!  Two weeks to go before we take delivery on our new RV!  I digress!

In the mean time though…more look behind the scenes of our progress and my junk sorting!  Looking down the back hall towards the laundry corner (it’s not really a room, just a corner that holds the washing machine and dryer).


And looking towards the family room, the carpet got pulled up…DSCF5730

Uggh!  To reveal this gorgeously hideous tile…DSCF5741

We think it was the same tile we replaced in the foyer when we first moved in!  Eeesh!  This stuff was nasty.  And can you see that remnant of wallpaper on the wall there in the right hand corner?  Here it is close up…DSCF5744

Mid-century modern baby!  Or tres ’70’s retro chic!!!  Uggh!  I helped Jim snap a line and he asked me to check it for square.  I started using the 5-6-7 rule but then I thought of our Quilting Rulers!!! How appropriate is this?DSCF5746

I have a large square Omnigrid with a longer 24″ ruler next to it checking the square of our snap line…DSCF5747

We did pretty good.  It’s a perfectly square line!

We hope to have the dining room finished this week!

Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Home Improvement Project – The Floor Moves Into The Kitchen!”

  1. I LOVE you using your quilting rulers on the “home improvement” job. When I was a NEW quilter, without a lot of rulers and stuff, I went out to the garage and “borrowed” my husbands framing square and other assorted tools!!!


    1. So true! I would do the same but that was when I was just sewing clothing. I would borrow his yard stick and square! Not anymore. Thank goodness our quilting ‘stuff’ lasts a long time!


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