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Looking for Lube but Finding Fabric!…and some other fun stuff!

I’m in search of Singer Sewing Machine Lubricant.  This stuff…DSCF8994

I have some but with several antique Singer machines in the house I’m going to need more and I just can’t find it anywhere.

So my thought was to go in search of it at Estate Sales and Garage Sales.  So far I’m 0-5.  I went to 1 Estate Sale and dropped in on 4 Garage sales yesterday, all to no avail.  I know.  Needle in a haystack.  Just when you need something you’ll never find it but when you don’t it shows up everywhere.

I found the sewing room upstairs.  I asked about the machines but they said there weren’t any.  Bummer.  So the machines were probably handed down, it’s a guess, which could be a good thing I suppose.  Lately, however, I’ve been seeing posts on Craig’s list or Ebay that state “This machine was my Aunt’s (or Grandma’s or Mother’s) and I’ll never use it…blah…blah…blah and I’m selling…will take best offer.  Oh how I cringe when I see those listings!  Makes me sad, especially here on Mother’s Day.

I wasn’t the first to arrive either but there were still lots and lots of sewing items and fabric.  I came home with a bag full of fabric, some scraps, a few books, a couple of notions and an iron I found in the basement…            DSCF8971

The fabrics were mostly greens, some Christmas, some primitive…


…a few reds and novelty…


The scraps were strips and bricks…


…and the notions were this Add-A-Quarter seam ruler and this bias tape maker…DSCF8984

…I debated on the iron.  Those voices in the head.  On one shoulder, the cautionary “Should I?”.  On the other shoulder, the take a risk side, “Oh, just get it…see what all the fuss is about these NON-Steam irons…”DSCF8990

I don’t know I thought to myself.  This one has quite a bit of black gunk on it.  I cleaned it up a bit, though it still has a ways to go to get all that blackness off the plate.  I plugged it in and within seconds, HOLY MOTHER OF HOT IRONS!  This iron was so hot, when I placed it on a wet piece of cloth steam soared up to the ceiling and my glasses fogged up!  I unplugged it and it remained EXTREMELY hot for a good 10-20 minutes.DSCF8991

I’m not even sure that is a good thing.  I know these type of irons are praised in some of the quilting forums for their flat face plates and their ability to press without steam…DSCF8992

…But the question is…Do these irons get too hot for our own good?  Are they a safety issue?  Do you scorch more than you care to admit?

Which leads me to thinking of a class project I made almost 30 years ago.  The iron melted a section of it and I received a low grade because of it.  I think the term was “inappropriately pressed”.  I’ve learned over the years how to do it right but I will say that painful lesson back in my younger days was enough to know that having an iron too hot can be a bad thing!.  What say you about irons?

Do you have experience with these flat faced irons that get extremely hot?

In case I forget, Happy Mother’s Day!

~Happy Ironing, Happy Quilting, Happy Hunting!


8 thoughts on “Looking for Lube but Finding Fabric!…and some other fun stuff!”

  1. Love It, Cathy!!! But not so much the iron… I would just love to go with you on all your wonderful “Estate Sale Jaunts”. I know we have them here too, but I never have the get up and go to take myself to one. The Discovery Store is my speed these days.
    I like my Rowenta iron that I got almost 20 years ago. It has the water receptacle removable so you can have a dry iron if you want. I do it for pattern paper mostly so I will not get water spots on my thin tissue pattern pieces.
    Love, MOM


    1. Apparently, from my research, there has been changes in the product offered up as Singer Machine Lubricant. The stuff I’m after looks a lot like petroleum jelly but thicker. I have some original tubes along with these blue tubes and that’s what this stuff looks like. The newer stuff is sometimes a white or brown. I’m doing some of my own research. Thank you for the link, I did not see that. I went to Walmart, JoAnns and Hancock and non of them carry it in the stores. I’ll order some online!


  2. I absolutely love old irons! You can scrub the black stuff off the soleplate with a scrub pad such as SOS or Brillo, wipe it down with a damp cloth, and then iron a piece of waxed paper. I have never scorched anything while ironing with my vintage irons. Just don’t iron nylon or polyester on a cotton or linen setting and remember to keep the iron moving! The cloth covered cord on your iron looks like it’s in excellent condition. I bypass those irons with cloth cords if they look frayed or damaged.


    1. Ohh! Good advise Sandy! I will try to do that with an SOS and see how it works. Yes, the cord looks good, nothing frayed or rotting. I like it too, just unsure about the heat and all but will give it a chance!


  3. Try “”…I get mine there. May be in an orange&white lube tube, same stuff. You can get all sorts of things for old machines there. I usually find what I need.


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