Sewing, Surprise Sewing Bee Contest

Now onto the 3rd Round, I’M IN!!!

Wow!  And another round of the Sewing Bee contest results are in and I’M STILL IN!!!

Now there are 25 contestants left!  Yikes!

So that means, just to re-cap, there were 343 entrants to the competition.  Out of those 343, 140 finished and created an entry for the first round.  Out of 140 only 56 people moved on to round #2!  And now in the 3rd round only 25!winter street dress

So here’s the scoop on the next challenge:

Everyone is going to be making THE SAME PATTERN.  The pattern that was selected was a Exclusive design called the Winter Street Dress…you can look at the review or buy it HERE.

The rules are simple: Make a Dress using TWO KNIT fabrics. BOTH fabrics should be knits(printed or solid colors). There is no limit on how much or how little of the 2nd fabric you use, as long as its visible and enhances the garment. The dress should be wearable in public (no lingerie please) and be for an adult. Stash or new fabrics may be used.

The PatternReview Winter Street Dress. You are free to modify this pattern in any way you want. In fact its highly recommended that you put your own spin on it.

Please note that we need at least three photos for this round. At least one photo on a live model is REQUIRED.

1. Both Fabrics should be knits. Stretch wovens are not allowed.
2. Garment should be for an adult and should be wearable in public (no lingerie or lounge wear please) 3. Three photos are required. AT-LEAST ONE PHOTO MUST BE ON A LIVE MODEL.
4. Entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST November 25th, 2014.
5. Links to blogs are NOT allowed. Additional photos hosted on Flickr or similar websites ARE allowed.

Once again I am gathering my thoughts and ideas to come up with something fun!

Wish me luck AGAIN friends!



6 thoughts on “Now onto the 3rd Round, I’M IN!!!”

  1. congratulations, I hope you go on to become the winner! You probably do not know just what it is they are looking for since this is your first time, but doing something unique and clever catches their eye as well as immaculate construction… and you have all of these traits! So good luck.


    1. Thanks Mom! You are my biggest fan! This last challenge I think I was over-thinking it and have settled in working on something…yet to be revealed!!!


  2. Well… at first I was a little taken aback! But you know – this is really clever! Just from the picture it looks like it will go really well with the A-line skirt. Dad says: “you don’t wear a skirt to ride a bike!”, but who needs a bike? This is fashion.


    1. no MOM, this is a COMPETITION!!! I think this jacket is going to sit in a box for a very long time….it may be a museum piece someday…


  3. Good luck! I’ve just discovered this competition, and everyone has been so creative and clever. Your biker jacket was just AMAZING! I love it!

    I’m so looking forward to seeing what you do with the dress.


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