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One Yard Projects – The Reusable Grocery Bag! – Part 1 Pattern Testing

Hi Friends,

I don’t know why I get these wild hairs to go off and do these little projects, I just do.  Today I’d like to share with you my latest small endeavor for a new pattern…the grocery bag!

I have sooooo many cute fabrics to play with so I wanted to come up with a pattern that would be 1 Yard, 1/2 Yard and Fat Quarter friendly, without a lot of waste and yet be something that is completely functional and useful.




This is my second prototype for the grocery bag pattern shown in the following photos…DSCF0513

Currently, my design needs to improve on the opening at the handles.  I just don’t have enough room.  (You can sorta see my first effort to the right of the bag below).


The handle opening is too small (see the photo below and the opening at the left).


This little grocery bag was put to the test yesterday at Ultra Foods, they actually gave me .05c just for using it!  Fringe benefits for using re-usable grocery bags!  Heck, with all my testing and shopping these little bags will practically PAY for themselves!

I still have work to do before I’ll release this pattern as a fun sew-along.  So what are YOUR thoughts on these re-usable grocery bags?  I’d love to hear from you!

Stay tuned on this one!



7 thoughts on “One Yard Projects – The Reusable Grocery Bag! – Part 1 Pattern Testing”

  1. I have been thinking about making these for some time and I think I like your pattern. It looks like it would be manageable and not too heavy when loaded. But does that mean I need a whole bunch??
    Another thought: A short time ago I saw a hint about someone folding these bags (actually the plastic ones) by folding each side in. overlapping them, then flag folding from the bottom. At the top you take the handles and tuck them into the open flag fold opening. This makes a nice, neat, package. Try this, it’s fun.


    1. Hmm. Not heard of the flag fold so I’ll give it a try. These bags are the size, maybe a little bigger then the grocery bags (but even those come in all sizes!). Yes, You’d have to make several but it all depends on how much shopping you plan on doing.

      I plan on making a larger market bag pattern too, sometimes you need a bigger bag as well.

      I’m now on my 4th prototype…stay tuned! Love you!


  2. I have been using the “cloth” bags from Target and my local grocery store for many years. I like yours much better…so bright and colorful! I’ll be following to see how your pattern evolves! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Oh yes. I have a few of those that I got as promotional freebies. Yes! These are so colorful and cheerful!
      Thank you for commenting!

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  3. I made a beautiful set, then lost half of them some where. But the one thing I know I did wrong was not putting in a firm nonwoven interfacing. I didn’t want to spend the extra money.
    So now, when shopping the cashier is always confused on how to put them on her rack, even though they are exactly like the .50 bags they sell. They just aren’t stiff enough to stay open when she is checking, which makes the process more drawn out.


    1. Fortunately, these are the kind that slip over the metal frames and hang. I think you are right, for a larger market bag some stiffer fabric would be nice, like a canvas, Denim or Duck.

      We tested our bags last night and the clerk had no problem filling them.

      I used them again this morning for non-grocery at Meijer self check-out.

      Hopefully just a few more tweeks and we’ll be good to go!

      Thanks for the comment!


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