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Don’t try this at home…oh wait, we are at home…

I posted yesterday that I have been trying to clean the floor pan of the shower. So this morning I was cleaning and the glass door came off the tracks.

Insert your favorite 4 letter expletive.

I tried to put it back on the tracks when….


Holy $%;!

I screamed. Stopped and felt all the glass fall all around me and then carefully figure out how to get out of the shower.

I would like to publicly thank whoever invented this type of safety glass. You saved me from probably being cut VERY SEVERELY!

I only have a few tiny cuts instead. I did have clothes on but was barefoot.

I am going to forget about this cleaning of the pan and now try and remove this whole glass door. I don’t think I want glass in the shower anymore…

Now the clean up. Be safe people.


9 thoughts on “Don’t try this at home…oh wait, we are at home…”

  1. Oh, no! Ouch! We got rid of our shower track doors, too. The tracks the doors slide on are too sharp if one slips and falls on it. When a family member needed stitches caused by the tracks, the glass shower doors were history.

    Have you tried Mr. Clean Magic Erasers on the shower floor?


    1. Oh Yikes! Haven’t been sliced like that but I could see how that would happen. I bought some magic erasers and it did take off the gunk…but I still can’t get it white. I think I may have to have it re-coated or something. Still working on it! Thanks for the tips!


  2. OUCH! So glad you were not more seriously hurt. Right after reading your post yesterday, I got an email about cleaning a shower floor. I have never tried this but it surely looks like it works.
    Good luck. I hate glass shower doors and will take a shower curtain any time over glass doors. Once you get it clean, try one of those sprays that you spray on tiles to keep soap scum away. It might help keep down the toil. I once was so fed up with the spots and soap debris on the one bathroom shower/tub tiles that I took straight Pine Sol to the tiles and a scrubby. Darn near asphyxiated myself but it worked. I recommend an open window with any remedy.

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    1. Great tips! I bought a shower eraser and it did get up some scum. Those work great! I may have to have it re-coated or something, still trying to find a solution short of total removal and replacement.


  3. Geez you are lucky there were not more cuts. Those shower door tracks were invented by people who have never cleaned anything in their life…..similar to the ones in window frames. My dear friend was washing one of those tip in windows and it was not filled with the lovely safety glass. She was severely injured when it came crashing in on her head and hand and has spent over a year having surgeries on her hand. You are very lucky.


      1. Nice link! It also had another link to an article about why shower curtains are better than glass doors. Totally agree that shower doors get really gunky. It is coming out for this weekends home project! I am going to go to a few stores to look for a nice curtain. I probably have fabric I could use but just want to get it done. Thanks for the comment!

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