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Abandoned at the side of the road…

Yesterday on my way to work I passed by a pile of stuff put out for trash collection. On top of an old chair was this machine.

I turned the corner and drove around the block for a 2nd look and decided to stop and pick her up.  There was a pressure foot, needle, bobbin and the foot petal still attached.  It was kinda dirty with age and lint and dust but otherwise it looked like it was in good shape.  You just never know why something gets dumped.

My MIL gave us her old machine a very long time ago.  It was very similar to this one but my husband and I ended up donating it to Goodwill after we tried in vain to get it running.  That one needed work and I didn’t know how to fix it or use it.  This was a long time ago before I got into learning about old machines.  Kind of wished I held on to it but alas, there’s always another one out there it seams!

And looksie here!

Wished I had the case, the cams, and the other things that came with it but for a trash pick I think I scored a winner.

It took about an hour of cleaning and oiling and working out the kinks.  There were some serious noises coming from the underbelly and the bobbin area.  It was very sluggish too and the motor was having a really hard time getting it to turn over.  After a few more rounds of oil and just moving all the parts eventually it got hot enough that whatever old grease that was in there finally loosened and man!  It took off!  It really sewed a great stitch.

I only have 1 bobbin but I think I have the same size from my Bernina that will work.  I unravelled literally 8 or 9 pieces of thread from the bobbin…

…until I came to what I think is the original.  Why wold you wrap so many different threads on a bobbin?  Someone needs to enlighten me.  Just used it to hem pants maybe?  Your guess is as good as mine.

At any rate, I’m happy.  I’m beginning to think I like finding and fixing these old machines.  There’s just something about them.


I cleaned her up with Greased Lightning.  I watch Andy Tube’s channel on Youtube and he uses Krud Kutter but the Greased Lightning also works.

No doubt I’ll need to figure out what I’m going to do with this machine and where it’s gonna go but I think this one is going in the KEEP pile!

Have a great day!  Keep on Sewing!


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