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I Need to Go Back to Blogging

I’ve thought about this a lot over the last few months. I know I’ve neglected the blogging aspect of this site, opting for Facebook and Instagram to be connected to friends (Facebook) and friends and the world (Instagram).

I’ve also had this BIG little thing that’s sapped up a lot of my time, two or three BIG things actually, namely my business venture Stash Traders and my side volunteer work over the last 6 years; raising puppies and coordinating DogFest, joining a Quilt Guild and coordinating a Quilt Show in 2017, then being the Guild President from 2018-2020.

I haven’t wrote about those experiences, mostly because I didn’t want to write about something and then have it come back to ‘get’ me. It’s weird you know? Here I was having these amazing experiences that could totally be blog worthy but it just didn’t feel right to me to blog them. I thought it best just to post on Facebook or share a photo every now and again on Instagram. And even at that I wasn’t very prolific.

Some additional retrospect has come from the transition with Facebook. While I love seeing what is going on in people’s lives I found that it was becoming a righteous place to either shame people or continuously bitch about something with our current President. I had to unfollow a lot of people because I really didn’t want to hear it anymore. Enough. I guess I was having my own little Cancel Culture session, but in a private way, my own way. That’s how I am and have always been. If I don’t like it I won’t go back. If I’m getting an earful, I’ll listen, but if it goes on and on and on, day after day ad nausea-um there’s a breaking point.

Then enter Facebook advertising, and Google advertising…and Instagram advertising. Oh My Gawd people…Enough.

Maybe your at that point too? Is it time to go back to blogging? I think it is. It feels more at peace writing on the blog and reading the comments here as well as looking through my blog reader. I love being in control of what I see and choose to read!

On that note, recently I paid for an upgrade for this blog and part of that upgrade is my own url and NO advertising that I don’t control!!! So worth it! I haven’t chosen my url yet but that is coming. So instead of sewingforlife.wordpress.com it will be something else, I’m reviewing my options.

Let me know if you too have gone away from blogging and then decided to come back. Maybe you never left.


2 thoughts on “I Need to Go Back to Blogging”

  1. Cool! I enjoy reading your blog. I agree with the ad nausea um of Facebook and Instagram. I reset my phone a few weeks ago. Instagram was no longer there so I did not restore it. It made me sad to see FB just automatically comes on iPhone factory setting. They must have paid bucks for that. Needless to say, I too am trying less social media and it feels good. Happy Blogging!


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