A Red Sky in the Morn does not make a Dark Winter…

How does the saying go? Red Sky at Dawn Sailors Yawn? Or is it Red Sky in the Morn Sailors Warn? I guess it all depends on which way your ship is sailing. Are you sailing away from the storm or into the storm, right?

Today is inauguration day of Joe Biden as our next President. I stay away from talking about politics, as much as I can. There’s always discussion at work, or with family and friends but so much of what’s become of politics is about score keeping and I can’t stand it. It’s probably why I’m not on Twitter.

There’s an interview of Tulsi Gabbard and she talks about her eye-opening experience when she first got to Washington. She talks about the score keeping and how disappointed she was learning the ropes of how Washington actually works (or doesn’t work).

I’ll end it there. Today is a new day and I’ll strive to continue to forever be an optimist. It is not a Dark Winter, there is light, there is always a light to see at the end of the tunnel. Reach for it.