In The Kitchen

Snowy Sunday Food Fun Day! Battle of the Pancakes!

Good Morning!

Jim and I have been wanting to do this battle of the pancakes for sometime now. Today was the perfect day. The weather outside is cold and snowy and what a better time or season than today!

The two contestants today are Hungry Jack pancake mix -vs- Aunt Maple’s pancake mix. Both of these are very similar in packaging and methods of preparation. Last summer we bought the Hungry Jack version and used it when we were camping. We liked it because all you need to add is water — a camper’s friend!

So today the challenger is an Aldi version called Aunt Maple’s. I can’t guarantee that Aldi will have this the next time we shop but it was a tantalizing opportunity to compare.

Both instructions were the same and produced the same amount of pancakes per instructed batch — precisely 5-1/2, each pancake approximately 4 inches in diameter.

The Aldi challenger produced very smooth, evenly browned cakes. Really pretty to look at. The Hungry Jack pancakes were more bubbly in texture.

Taste: Jim preferred the taste of the Aunt Maple’s and I preferred the taste of the Hungry Jack, it was a tad sweeter and didn’t stick to my teeth too much. Dara didn’t care, both were equally amazing.

Jim made scrambled eggs with onions and peppers and oven baked some thick cut bacon. Here’s my plate. We topped it with Morris’s Michigan home boiled REAL maple syrup.


Happy Sunday,