Our CCI Dogs

We are Puppy Raisers For CCI  Canine Companions for Independence

We have raised 3 pups for this organization.  Two of our pups, Jamba and Einstein have both gone on to be working dogs.  We are currently raising Dara III.


Dara is an intact female lab/golden cross.  She is slated to be part of the breeding program if she passes all her testing*.  We turn her into our local training center in February of 2018.

This is our first female and our first intact dog.

Puppy #3
Dara III
Born: July 15, 2016
Place of Birth: Santa Rosa, CA
Breed: Golden Retriever/Labrador Retriever Cross
Current Weight: 64 lbs.
Likes: She loves to play, whatever game you want to play.  She has some favorite toys we call a y-bone, a chuck-it ball, a bone and a kong ball.  She likes to do her training routine, and her favorite commands are ‘Lap’, ‘Stay’, ‘Up’, and ‘Side’.  She’s got some attitude and some small fears with new places or new experiences.  She loves people and other dogs and anything for a good time.

*we have to keep her intact in case she is chosen for the breeding program.




Jamba graduated in May of 2014 as a Skilled Companion!

Puppy #2
Jamba II
Born: May 26, 2012 (2nd in  a litter of 7)
Place of Birth: Santa Rosa, CA
Breed: Golden Retriever/Labrador Retriever Cross
Pappa: Knox II
Momma: Dede
Current Weight: 72 lbs.
Likes: His toy ‘Shark’, Sticks that fall from the Silver Maple tree in the backyard, Car rides, People! – very excited to see friends and meet new ones, Training – as long as treats are involved in the process, Snuggling, Scratches behind the ears, Belly rubs, Muzzle kisses, Socks – he loves to pick them up out of the laundry.
Dislikes: The word ‘NO’ – he’s a little headstrong, a little afraid of the ‘Vest’, Having his Ears Cleaned, Having to lie still for longer than a minute!
Siblings: Jenga, Jade V, Jammer (sadly passed away, heart valve displaysia, 11-20-12), Jai, Jilliane, and Joy VII

December 2012: Jamba II, 7 months goes to the heart of Chicago for a photo shoot…


August 2012: A new CCI pup entered our lives on July 20th!  We are currently raising Jamba II!

May 2012:  Our first CCI dog, Einstein graduated as a Service Dog!  He is working alongside his new partner in Minnesota. 

February 2012 Update:
Einstein’s February report showed much progress!  His trainer did not make any notes on any of the behaviors in part 2 of his report (those are the undesirable behaviors like barking, whining, jumping, nipping…etc.)!!!  This sounds like really great news!  He said his lick sores have healed and his barking and whining have scaled back.  He is comfortable around the wheel chair and has done all the basic commands with it (yeah!).  He is currently learning how to turn off and on the lights!  Keep going Einstein!!!!

Einstein II
Born: April 5, 2010   (2nd of 10, the largest in the litter)
Place of Birth: Santa Rosa, CA
Breed: Golden Retriever/Labrador Retriever Cross
Pappa: Saris
Momma: Keala
Current Weight: 76 lbs.
Likes: Food, Walks, Training, picking things up off of the ground, the ‘Speak ‘command, travel in the car, visiting his dog friends, anything that goes into a Kong dog toy, Chloe the cat
Dislikes: Putting on the ‘Vest’

September 2010
August 2010 – A Day at Headquarters

10 thoughts on “Our CCI Dogs”

  1. Hi, I came to your site from Sew Can She for the braided t-shirt rugs – then I saw this. How wonderfully outstanding! My husband uses a Mobility Service Dog and puppy raisers are soooooo important. Thank you for taking the time!


    1. Thanks Beth! Yes, we love raising these dogs. They are amazing! And it’s a good thing at the end! I hope you have fun making your rug! Thanks for stopping by!


    1. Hi Becky! We were just talking about Einstein at work because it will be his 5th Birthday on April 5th (I think)…how fun that you found my little blog! We hope Einstein is doing his part to keep Miles active! Not sure if it is Einstein or Jamba, I’ll look for the video of him as a pup…I think it’s in this blog somewhere! Stop by the blog anytime!


    1. Oh wow! How fun is that going to be! I didn’t even think about it but now that you mention it I wonder if I can get time off and go! ~Cathy


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