Time Sucks – Learning New Things Over and Over Again

It’s a pet peeve. I hate having to learn something over and over again, especially software. Just when I get used to working with a program, there’s a change and then I’m back to basics all over again. Fortunately, I’m good at picking things up but every time there’s a change it messes with the work flow.

What about you? Are you like me and get anxiety attacks at announcements of product upgrades? What software have you been struggling with lately?

As for me, my current challenge is learning WordPress using the ‘Blocks’. I’m sure I’ll get used to it eventually, as with everything else, but it’s really different then the classic editor. I really liked the classic editor, it was so easy. Maybe in time I’ll say the same about the Block Editor but as for now I’m in baby steps. (This is my first post using the block editor…hold on while I try and figure out how to insert a photo…)

Here’s to all the time sucks…