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Retro 79

When I think of 1979 I think of ‘The Clash’ and their album London Calling. That thought always links me to my family’s cross country road trip when we moved from Fairfax, VA to Poway, CA in the summer of 1981.

At the time our family had 3 vehicles. We had a Honda Accord, a Ford Country Squire station wagon and a recently purchased Ford S-10 Red Pick-up. I remember on this trip my brother Mark and my other brother Kevin listened to this album on tape probably 20 times during the trip. It was our favorite and still to this day when I hear ‘Lost In the Supermarket’ or ‘Train in Vain’ I think about this road trip.

For my self imposed sewing challenge I was looking through my patterns and came across Mom’s discards that she’d given me about 5 or 6 years ago when I was visiting her in California. “Looky there!” I cried. It was a tunic pattern from you guessed it…1979! Although I remember my Mom making and wearing the tunic I was intrigued at the other view which was more of a blouse. It reminded me of several blouse/tunics I’d purchased in the last couple of years. Why not give this a go? So here we are 29 years later being totally retro.

Style on Pattern Envelope2008 interpretation

Pattern 6863