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Prints Charming II Gone

I drove by the Prints Charming II Quilt Shop here in Palatine over the weekend and it had gone out of business.  This really surprised me since I thought it was such a cute store and seemed it always had customers.

But then again, maybe it didn’t surprise me after I started to think about when was the last time I’d gone there.  It’s been probably a year.  At that time I had picked up some supplies and went to the counter to check out.  I handed over my frequent buyer card since I remembered to bring it with me.  I needed just $5.00 more dollars in sales to get my $20.00 off!  When I handed over my card I was told the store was under new ownership and they weren’t accepting those cards anymore.  I protested at least 3 times and with each attempt I was given the stiff upper lip…I’m not budging on my policy treatment.

I guess I hadn’t been back since.  I’ve found a new favorite place and they are ever eager to take my business.  It’s too bad.  Yet another fabric shop out of business.  I think I’ll start a couple of new pages, one for Fabric Store Obituary’s and another for Fabric Store Raves & Reviews.  It’s a thought.

4 thoughts on “Prints Charming II Gone”

  1. What a shame that such a lovely store has gone under. I will gladly sign on later tonight to share additional comments.

    Like everyone else, it seems, our attention to has been drawn to dealing with the neccessities of life—But I beg my fellow multi-media artists not to give up! We have to band together to keep art living in the hands of average people. I’m not convinced it’s limited to people who have managed to get notoriety!


  2. My mother and I used to visit this store’s predecessor (in Long Grove, IL) often when I was a child. I was disappointed to find that neither store has survived.


  3. Re : Prints Charming II
    I Think this shop was owned by a high school classmate of mine and I fear she has died or retired
    I have run into a blank wall trying to track her down.
    Joseph P Hogan


    1. You might want to contact Quilter’s Destination in Arlington Heights. I was in there a while back and the ladies were very familiar with the old Prints Charming. The Quilt community has many contacts and they’d sure to know some history. Either that or try getting in touch with the Northwest Suburban Quilter’s Guild. Same thing, lot’s of contacts.


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