I’m alive

I’m alive.  Has it really been 4 months since I posted an entry?

Wow.  Well, I haven’t been busy in the sewing room since Christmas and my last project was a really warm fleece mens shirt for a friend of mine.  We looked for days to find the right fleece and eventually found it at one of my least favorite places…but my friend was endeared to this fabric that I couldn’t shake her.  It was chosen and away I went to produce this XXL size shirt.

I didn’t take pictures but I’ve seen it on and it was charming.  I’m sure someday I’ll get a good photo, after all, I’m no doubt going to be seeing this shirt for the next 10-15 years until it wears out!

So what else have I been up to if it hasn’t been sewing?  Oh you just want to know don’t you…and I know some of you want to know where that 3rd installment of my Katherine Hepburn pants is don’t you!  Yes,’s coming.  Lordy…if I can just get that post done life would be wonderful.  I think my problem there was that I posted before I was actually finished and so now the expectations are perfection so it absolutely has to be perfect and until is is I’m just not going to get on this web.  Sigh.  Shortly…shortly.

I’ve gone back to hand quilting my circa 1997 quilt as I couldn’t figure out how to work my hybrid long-arm quilter.  I’m sure that’s another story and I’ll no doubt do a post later on how that machine is supposed to work.  Yes…it’s a quilt I started in 1997.  I’m actually at the quilting stage so don’t get on my case folks…it actually is going to get done.

As for my foot.  My plantar faciitis has not been getting better.  Pretty much at the end of the day I have to put my foot up and just sit and rest.   I am so ansy to get out and move around but as soon as I do my foot tells me to hold on and go back and sit down!  It is really the most frustrating thing.  I’m told it could take a year to heal and others have told me that it is going to be with me for life!  Yikes!

My husband thinks I’m suffering from a bout of depression and I just need to go to the gym.  Hmmm…there’s an idea.  For Valentines Day he bought tickets to a local community production of EVITA  It was really, really well done and I loved the show.  Kudos to Music on Stage…you all did a fantastic job.

In the volunteer arena I’ve been asked to photograph an awards ceremony this Spring. Yippee…this will be a good time to get away for a weekend and let me get a few more photos for my portfolio.  Oh…in case I haven’t mentioned that I’ve been a photographer wannabe for about 5 years and you can see my work pretty much just typing in my name in a search engine.  At least I think so…may need to check that.  If you really want to know I can send you a link to my website.

So on to the sewing!  I’ll post again in a day or two.  I want to take a picture of my quilt for you all to see.