Fabric Shops

Introducing ‘The Fabric Divas’ – a new find!

When Fabrics by Dyllis closed last year I was pretty sad.  You know, it is a very traumatic event for fashion sewers when a reliable resource goes out of business!  Tragic I say!  It was this cute little shop that had amazing fabrics!

Well, about two months ago a friend of mine told me about some women in town, who just by coincidence were also saddened about the closing, were going to start a fabrics-on-line business.  But for the life of me I couldn’t get the name and had somehow forgotten it!

So in the last month I thought I’d try to check up on the tip and try and locate their business.  I mean, how hard can it be right?  I tried and tried to find them by googling…(this is a lesson to anyone that starts a business…please follow along and pay attention how not to get your site found as I’m sure there is a much better way…like a blog and a few good meta tags) and had absolutely no success.

First I tried ‘fabric shop illinois’ — nothing

Then I tried ‘ fabric palatine’ — nothing

Then I tried ‘fabrics wholesale’ — nothing

‘fashion fabrics’, ‘fabric’, ‘cloth’, ‘fashion’….NOTHING!!!!

I tried about a hundred different combinations until I finally thought of asking my friend for their web address.  NO, NO, NO! I thought…I’m not going to cheat.  I’m really going to find this business on-line.

Then I said you know what…?  If I’m having trouble finding them on the web then I wondered if they were even open or for that matter wondered if others were able to find them.  I really did wonder.

I kind of went out on a tangent then and googled one of the owners’ name.  I guess that could be cheating for sure but it worked as the 4th hit down brought me to a news article and lo and behold in the news article they mention the name.  Which brings me to…



I just checked back again today and it looks like they’ve updated quite a bit.  I wish them luck in their business adventure and now that I’ve found them I hope you’ll enjoy the new link as well!