“Hi Cathy…I hear you sew…”

“Hi Cathy…I hear you sew…” came the voice over the telephone.

Yeeeesssss I cautiously answer. These revelations by the extended relationships I share are always laced with a hidden agenda.

“Well I want to make some cornhole bags for the tournament at (insert local town festival) and I was wondering if you knew anyone that sewed…and/or if you knew who all the sewers were for the (insert garment made for another insert able festival)” ya da ya da ya da. More lead in.

“Can’t we just buy them?” came my answer. Knowing full well anything made by hand these days if it can be purchased ready made was always the better choice.

But alas. I found myself behind my little Bernina Sport these last two nights sewing up 200 bean bags.

I’m tired.

I’ll need to be there for the tournament to hear the players give their reviews. Our team of cutters, sewers, and fillers could not all agree on the proper bag weight. It sounded more like a scene from the ‘Princess and the Pea’ then anything else.

I don’t even know what to think about these events that I get roped into. I guess I’m just glad they don’t happen that often. But please people. Take it from me. Spend the $150 and use your time on something else….


I’m going to bed.