Welcome to my Malicious Software Nightmare…caution…you could be next!

I thought Halloween was over.  For that matter, Thanksgiving is over now…and I’ve just now began getting back onto this blog.  Oh boy!  I want to preface this post with a cautionary statement.

CAUTION:  I might use the word bastard(s) often in this post followed by the more severe term “those f***ing bastards!”.  I beg you to close your eyes or ears to my insanity for a minute.  There may well be some sexually explicit material too…so just be for warned.  I occasionally write about scams, this time…it is about viscous computer malware.

Yesterday (well, actually it was mid November) I logged on to my computer in the morning to get the calorie counts on a few items.  (huh?  calorie counts?  I thought this was a sewing blog?) Yes…I’ll post later that I’m trying to lose a few pounds, but neither here nor there somehow the malicious trojan software called AntiVirus Pro wormed its way onto my computer and took over!

Seriously.  My computer was hijacked.  I’m completely ticked off.

Those f***ing BASTARDS were pissing me off to no end!  AAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

My cries were going unanswered.  Like a silent wale in the night, on an empty street, in the middle of a populated city.  Nobody.  I’m alone and all I can do is stand back helplessly and watch as disgusting images flood my computer.

(Geez…do women really know they are this pathetic? were my thoughts as I viewed images of naked women sprawled out, breasts pointed up, legs spread in anticipation, and hapless facial expressions awaiting their next chance to twinge in relief.  Sick.)

And they just keep coming (no pun intended).  These Pop-ups of and and kept  — well –coming up.

God…this happens to kids!  I can’t believe the filth out there!  I unplugged the internet connection and just sat here staring at my screen as the bastards flaunted their new found fame on my screen.  Pathetic.  I couldn’t handle it.  I cursed.  I cussed.  I fumed.

I just couldn’t deal with it for too much longer because I had to go to work but when I came home I planned out my attack.

I’ll show them.  I’ll just run Norton Anti-virus.  That’ll get rid of it.

Now I am just ranting…

SORRY!  YOU LOSE!  Like EVIL commies these monsters had thought of that already and disabled it.  Now how the heck could they do that!!!!? I thought Norton was the be all end all to keeping me safe.  No so today.  I’m beginning to get really worn down.

It took a while and some conversations with co-workers but I finally found what I needed.  The solution was the software called malwarebytes.  You can link to them here in the event you ever need them.  I downloaded the software and ran the search.  It took running the software 7 times to get rid of every last stinking piece of garbage before my computer came back.

Thank God for these folks at malwarebytes.

And Peter Norton.  We need to talk.