Goals for a new year

Do you set goals and try to achieve them?

I think there’s been some studies on the behavior of goal setters and only something like 5% of all people actually practice it.

I’m an exister.  Is that a word?  Definition of exister is just someone that takes one day at a time, living in the moment.  That is my natural tendency so any kind of long range planning is naturally pretty difficult.

I think the economic climate of the past 15 months has shaken many people into a hunker down and wait it out behavior.  I know we have.  This whole recession has really re-prioritized our lives.  Throw in a death of a beloved parent into the mix and watching the surviving spouse acclimate to their new situation in life just puts perspective to everything.  Life, circumstances, things just takes on more meaning.    As a collective population, our status of personal accountability bubbles up to the surface and you either have it or you don’t.  Those that haven’t been accountable are dropping by the wayside.  All around us.  You can see it, you know them, and there’s really not much we can do right?

I have made progress though, especially in the area of personal finance.  I set a personal goal last year to set aside a separate rainy day/emergency fund valued at 8 months worth of living expenses.  I remember taking a walk with Jim and discussing it and his reaction “where is that going to come from?”.

I made a savings plan and I’m here to tell you that as of January 1, 2010 we have it.  Goal accomplished.  My clothes need to be updated.  My hair needs to be cut.  I could stand to spend some money at a gym, and I really want to replace the small camera I dropped but it feels good to sit here and know I can make some goals and work towards achieving them.

So now what?

As mentioned before my wardrobe could really use some updating, my hair could really use a professional cut, my point and shoot camera needs to be repaired, and I’d like to make a little extra money to pay for some of this stuff.

So for 2010 my goals are going to be ‘needs’ based.

  • Goal 1: Dump the Frump. Create a new wardrobe, toss what doesn’t work and bring along the Sewingforlife! readers just for the fun of it.
  • Goal2: Find a good hairdresser and update the do.  Spend the money and just go for it.
  • Goal 3: Save money to purchase a new point and shoot camera.
  • Goal 4: Start a new business venture to help bring in some extra income.
  • Goal 5: Register and actually ‘compete’ (do) the Chicago (Sprint) Triathlon.
  • Goal 6: Finish 6 unfinished projects from the closet.
  • Goal 7: Spend Jan-Mar on finishing the tops of 3 quilt tops of those unfinished projects.

That’s the goals for now.  Let’s get started!