Carolina Christmas Mystery Quilt – 8 more to the pile

I finished 8 more Poinsettia Star blocks this morning.

That brings the Poinsettia Star block totals to 17.  Just 31 more of these blocks to go. I miss counted on the last entry.  I actually had completed one more block than expected.

About block 12 I had a short scare.  I realized that I could easily have pointed the angle of the ‘stars’ the other way.  That is when I took a closer look at Bonnie’s and sure enough hers is going the other way.  Don’t ask me how I did that but I think it doesn’t matter.  The spin is to the right.

Hmm.  Maybe there’s some underlying political forsight I was sub-consciously exuding.

Don’t ask.  Don’t want to get political here.

Carolina Christmas Mystery Quilt – 8 more made.