Project Runway

You bet I’m going to be watching this newest season…just as soon as I can get out from under this quilt!

Yes.  You betcha I’m going to be watching this new Project Runway Season.  Seriously.  I have been working so much on this quilt that I completely missed the first 2 episodes!

Don’t spoil it for me though.  I still want to sit down and watch them beginning to end and totally give my predictions for the show.

It’s understandable isn’t it?  I mean…quilting is pretty well all consuming, no?

I did get a tv for my sewing space last year but it is not hooked up to cable, only digital reception…which is spotty.  I’m lucky if I can get “Mayberry and Opie” re-runs.

I’m going to try and catch up with this show this week.  It will be a good diversion during my anticipated marathon session to get this topper finished.