Quiltville’s Carolina Christmas Mystery Quilt – Finding a Backing

On Sunday I drove out to Hampshire, Illinois to visit Judy’s Quilt & Sew.  This is about 35 miles away from me and it was the first time for me to go to this shop.

Why???  Well…

Reason 1:
Open Sundays 12 – 3pm

It is a really cute shop, in an old house but is very bright and inviting.  I didn’t have my camera with me so I didn’t take any pictures but I did meet the new owners, Elaine and Mike Thomas.  I guess the word is that Judy, with husband Jim went off and retired.  Lucky Elaine and Mike!  They get to own this really cute shop and live sorta out in the country…yet close enough to civilization.

Reason 2:
I needed to get a backing and the batting for my quilt.

I was in luck.  The shop carried a beautiful cotton 108″ wide red print…perfect!  No piecing involved.  At first I thought of using any leftover fabric I had…but it turned out I really didn’t have hardly enough to cover half of this quilt!  I figure I spent so much time on it I may as well spend a little extra and get something nice.

I have had a dickens of a time though getting this layed out and smooth.  My first attempt using the dining room table did not work.  The backing and batting bunched up and I had a big mess.

I slept on it and browsed the internet for ideas.  Should I try spray basting?  I don’t know.  Never done that.  Should I lay and tape the backing to the floor?  That is out.  No place big enough around here to do that.  I’d have to remove my bed from the bedroom but that is not going to happen.  I am really in a pickle!

So this morning I decided to try my backdrop holder.  The quilt is really heavy and it appeared to work in theory.  Just not so great vertical.  I about lost my balance trying to get it up 9 feet in the air.  This has potential.

What if I bought some more pvc and made a frame raised up from the floor that I could stretch out the backing and then layer on the batting and quilt top?  It is an idea.  Stay tuned.  I’m headed to Menard’s or Home Depot then after work!