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Quilts of Valor Volunteer Day

Yesterday I decided to go to a QOV Sew-In.  I’d never been to a Quilts of Valor activity so it was pretty exciting.  I always love meeting new people that enjoy any kind of sewing activity…it’s a good bonding experience.  AND the ladies there were AMAZING!  All of them just welcomed me in.

I worked all day on a string quilt.  I had no idea that I was going to be the only one working on it until around lunch time when some of the ladies asked me if I was going to be able to finish.

“oh.  I thought we’d all just add to a pile of strings and then they’d get put together.”  I really didn’t think I was actually going to piece a quilt top in one day or nuthin.  Who was she kidding!


So about 1 pm I looked over at my stack of blocks and realized I was 2 blocks short of half way (24 blocks).  I thought with four hours left to go I could do it so I pressed on.  Some ladies who had finished work on brick quilts started to help.  “keep working!”  I called out.  “we’re almost there!”.  It was hilarious.  We were sewing like mad women.  My foot pedal was to the floor.  A few of the husbands came by to joke they could attach a turbo motor for me.

At 5 o’clock I was 3/4 of the way to putting all the blocks together so everyone waited for another 20 minutes for the quilt top to get finished.  We did it!  At 5:30pm 48 string quilt blocks were finished!  Whew!!!!

Everyone was already packed up to go so we grabbed the quilt, took a quick picture and then I packed up and was out the door headed for home.

I’ve browsed the website hoping I could find that last picture that was taken and here it is!  Donna, the organizer took it.  You can see more photos here at this link:

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  1. You did great! You must have been very tired making the entire top from start to finish! Hopefully you stopped for some of the lunch we say in Donna’s photos!


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