Memorial Day Musings

Today is Memorial Day and the shorts are on hold until our charge returns from a camping trip.  Over the weekend I decided to take advantage of a few sales and drive out to a cute little quilt shop called Quilt in Joy for their first ever clearance sale.

I decided to pick up Red, White and Blue fabrics and start a little mini collection.  I was a little inspired last week from the Quilts of Valor Sew-In and surprised at just how quickly one of these string quilts goes together.  Here’s a fellow that can give a lesson if you care to take a looksy.

and here.  And just to quote Al, “Get Off Your Duff and Quilt!”:

and Dad…if you ever do get too hurt from golfing you can always follow Al’s directions here…

Al’s my new quilting hero.  I read an article that said he’s made about 400 of these quilts.  Truly amazing and he really cares about letting those service men and women know they are appreciated.

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