Einstein’s first week

Just a quick update on Einstein’s first week with us. He is truly a beautiful dog and so very sweet. I have been taking him to work with me and everyone has taken him on as a mission…although my boss is starting to teach him bad manners!!! Well. He’ll come to work until he gets to be about 16 weeks old and then we’ll keep him confined to the kitchen during the day. At least that is the plan.

I’m hoping by then he’ll have enough of a house training pattern down that he won’t mess too much if left alone, if at all by then. One of the teens in my neighborhood will be looking in on him during the mid-day to give him a break so I think this is going to work out.

It is amazing to have a new puppy. So many people are so anxious to meet the new arrival and with this little guy I don’t have that fear of meeting new dogs (as was the case with MTD). Such a relief! He is such a charmer and has been so good with everyone…but then I guess that is to be expected from a puppy.

Last night was a play date with a Lab that is 5 weeks older. Wrigley is twice the size! I can’t believe that he’ll be that much bigger in just a few short weeks. Wrigley wrestled Einstein and pinned him down good but the funny thing was Einstein just took it and kept coming back for more. It was hilarious. They would just wrestle and wrestle, chase sticks, and nudge each other out of the water bowl, then go tussle some more. I guess no harm was done to the little guy, he loved it and slept like a rock all night, though the increased water going in so late in the evening made for a quick exit to the door this morning!!!!

Guess I’ll need to watch that next time.

We spent Saturday at the Vet. Both Chloe and Einstein were scheduled to get their shots. Einstein weighed in at 19.5 lbs and Chloe kept her 8 lb svelte figure.

Can you believe how much vet prices have skyrocketed in the last few years? It was almost $350 for each pet!!! Thank goodness it is just once a year for the annual round of vaccinations, year supply of pills and flea protection. We go back for another booster in three weeks, but you know what, we knew these vaccinations would be expensive so it’s all good. Maybe I can find a place that is a little cheaper next time but right now I’m just used to the program where I’ve been going.

Also on Saturday a package came for Einstein and it included his CCI training cape. Here is his first official photo in his cape. Aawwwwee!

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