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California Trip Stash – #3 The Rest of the Fashion District Take and a Coincidence Tale

Did you notice in my last entry no words showed up? Hmmmm. You know, frankly, on a side track note, I just found out my dog Einstein was also the name of the dog in Dean Koontz’s novel The Watchers, I know…I swear!

Di do di do di do (insert Twilight Zone music here).

There’s an old saying in my house. ‘Coincidence or Cathy Steiner? You decide.’ It’s been happening for a long time…you probably have these things happen to you, the only thing is with me, I just happen to keep a log of these things and it’s fun to go back and remember them…or when they happen, it’s fun to call out “Coincidence! Or Cathy Steiner!? You decide!”. Ha ha.

So was it just a coincidence that I have a dog named Einstein from CCI and I wasn’t welcome to go to the Dean Koontz CCI campus in Oceanside? And I just found out the naming coincidence yesterday when my words don’t show up on the blog post???? In the book (which I haven’t read yet…just received a copy yesterday) I’m told the dog has some really crazy super powers. I D U N N O!


So anyhoooooooo…….Here’s the rest of the items I picked up when we were in the LA fashion district. There are two Hawaiian Prints, the knit from FIDM and a couple of 1 and 2 dollars knits…those were going to be totally experimental. I don’t know if I really am in love with those but hey…a buck…can’t beat it for testing a pattern.