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Some Picks from Mom’s Sewing Room

Here are some picks from Mom’s sewing room. She has quite a collection of Stretch & Sew Patterns, it was one of her favorites when I was growing up and she has given me several over the years.

When we lived in Virginia there was a Stretch & Sew shop in the area and we used to love to go and browse through all the knits. It was also the place where I took a class on how to sew a swimsuit. I remember being extremely excited at the idea of making my own swimsuits…being a career swimmer and all.

Between my Mom and I we cornered the market buying every swimsuit pattern in existence. This was back in the mid 80’s. We especially liked the ones offered by S&S. I think we thought the sewing techniques made them better. I think my Junior and Senior year in High School I made about a dozen or so. They were fun, cheap and quick to put together.

Mom also had a few Green Pepper patterns I just had to borrow. The rain poncho will be a good project now that I have a new dog and the rainy, coldy season will be coming soon and walking outside will become mandatory as he gets older. It’s always good to have a poncho or two.

As for the swimsuit patterns? Hmm… I’m sure there’s another one in me to be made. It’s a good thing these patterns come in multiple sizes now!!!

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  1. I hope you can get some use from these patterns. Have no idea what I am thinking when I buy them because they usually remain in pristine condition for years. But then, they really are good for inspiration. Whenever I get a bee in my bonnet to make something I really enjoy having all my patterns to look through, especially when one has a different technique or design detail I can incorporate into the thing I want to make.

    I have another one of the booty patterns! My feet get so cold here in sunny San Diego in the winter that I thought the booty looked like the ideal thing to keep me warm but then bought some of those really soft socks and never thought of the booty again. However I still have very good intentions of making a pair!!! (using the other pattern just like it I got this last winter, a little updated version?)

    I remember all the swimsuits you sewed for yourself… I never was as successful with my own. Have two pieces of really pretty lycra and would love to just do it and know they would fit.



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