Alright, Mr. Cutline is out Miss Coraline is in.

Apparently I haven’t been listening to WordPress’s announcements lately.  They have transitioned all the blogs that use the Cutline template over to a new template called Coraline.  Forgive me if you have absolutely no idea of what I’m talking about…it’s a little bit of the behind the scenes speak.

In a nut shell, the template is the rule book for how the data of a blog is seen on your computer screen.  You see, the data resides in a bunch of little ‘ol folders by itself and then talks to a Template Genie in order to go out and play on your screen.  Well someone grabbed my Genie and put her in her bottle and tossed the bottle into the recycle bin…and then passed off a new Genie for the old one.  Get it?

So that is why you now don’t see my links and archives…and I’ve played around with some color too.  Apparently too…we now can add color and backgrounds.  I’m sure it will just take me a little bit to get everything all back to how I used to have it.  MAN!  I hate having to do these things over again…
Sometimes change isn’t all its cracked up to be!