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Next Up…The Fall ‘Not So Skinny’ Cargo Pant

Next up on my sewing wish list is to make the ‘HOT LOOK for FALL 2010’ which is the skinny cargo pant in a military green color.

Here is an inspiration photo taken from the September Vogue which features Veronica Swanson Beard in these Moschino Cheap and Chic Pants ($465).  Now I know if #1) I was skinny I would just go and buy a pair…not necessarily one this expensive but a pair I could wear none-the-less or #2) even if I could afford to drop $500 on a pair of pants I would just do it…regardless of my size.  So there you go, too cheap and too fat, my two favorite reasons to sew fashion (ha ha ha!).

The cargo pant has been a fashion item for several years now, going from military style, to those really big Raver Pants, now down to the ‘Skinny’ style.  I know, I know, I know…the 2011 Spring collections all hinted at the skinny style is so not happening but I’m interested in making a pair, just for the cargo style aspect.  They look really comfortable and to me a possible great alternative to jeans.

But what about the skinny pant not looking good on a plus size figure?  I’m going to take this into account and not do one too close to the body.  Every plus size sewer knows there needs to be a little bit of roominess built in.  Fortunately here, this inspiration style in the photo shows more of a straight leg then some of the styles we’ve seen out there that are really form fitting.

So on Saturday, in a bout of inspiration inspired shopping, I was at Hancock Fabrics just to look for some fabric when I realized they were having a super blow-out .89 cent McCall’s pattern sale.  Are you kidding me?  When have we ever seen an .89 cent pattern sale ON ANYTHING!?!  I picked up this classic, McCalls M5633:

The pants need some back pockets and the side pockets need to go up the thigh above the knee (like in the photo) but I thought these might be a good foundation to work up a style that will fit me.  And for .89 cents?  You bet I brought this to the register! 

As for fabric, I still need to find that military green.  I think I might have something in the stash so I hope to get started on these soon.  We just hit FALL and the leaves are starting to change…so it’s time!