McCalls M5633 Cargo Pant-Part 3-Hip Line Alteration

I left off yesterday telling you all how I did my waist alteration so today I thought I’d finish up with the hip alteration.

Measuring down 9″ from the waist I mark a perpendicular line (90 degrees) to the grainline.  The 9″ mark was how far down from my waist the fullest part of my body was…that’s why it’s 9 and not 7 or let’s say 6.  It just so happened to be at 9 inches.

So what I need to do now is mark a spot on this line that is 7/8″ from the edge.  This will give me 3-1/2″ extra I need all around.  Remember, I am dividing my total amounts to add equally to the front and the back.

Then all I need to do is cut from the side seam to the grainline, then down the grainline to the knee and over to the side seam again…but NOT through.  I am going to pivot the pattern piece over until it hits my 7/8″ mark.

I trued up the side seam.

And removed the pocket extension piece.

My muslin won’t have a pocket for the initial fit.  I want to see how the pant shell fits first and then most likely, after any changes, I’ll re-draw a new pattern piece for the pockets.

2 thoughts on “McCalls M5633 Cargo Pant-Part 3-Hip Line Alteration”

  1. I just have to say that your blog is great. I’m getting ready to work on my first pair of pants, and have to do a bit of the same altering that you’ve outlined. (What can’t the Burda Style magazine make the pants I like a little closer to my size?) I really appreciate the step by step photos.

    I look forward to reading more, and seeing how the pants turn out!


    1. Thank you Laurel! Our guests leave tomorrow and I can’t wait to re-jump start my cargos! The muslin is made and they are looking good so far! I’ll be posting soon!


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