Happy Birthday To Me…to the tune of Happy Birthday To Me…

Today is my Birthday everyone and I’m taking the day to play!

If you can’t play on your Birthday then when can you?

Be back tomorrow with more pant posts.  I was up all last night thinking about the rear end of my pants.  Just HOW could I make them better and not wanting to leave well enough alone I dove into another adjustment…a wedge.  No, not a wedgy, a wedge.  So oh…we’ll be talking about that one!

Oh…and in the ongoing library of ‘coincidences or Cathy Steiner’s’…here’s one for  you.  My birthday today 10-13-10 adds up to 33.  33 miners rescued today.  So is it just me or is it a coincidence?  You decide!

Have a great day!


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