I’ve only got a few days to look special! Yikes!

Hey everyone, well I’m back into the sewing room after the really great trip down South.

And I’ve got no time to waste!  THIS Friday is Jim’s annual work holiday party and it’s the year that spouses are invited…oh no!  What am I going to wear?

I dropped by Lane Bryant and tried on some things but after 7 outfits NOTHING was looking good.  That store is a hit or miss for me unfortunately.  So  I looked through my patterns here and pulled out McCalls M6032.  I think there is a possibility that this will sew up nicely and flattering (crossing fingers).

Then I was off to rummage through my stash (a.k.a hoard) and found this stretch panne velvet I had bought at one time for a cape costume. Cape…Evening dress, what’s the difference huh?

There’s plenty here and if I can make this without having to purchasing anything…well that would be just great!

Stay tuned!