Working with scraps!

How about some Irish Colors for my rug?

Oh Heya!

Seeing that I missed Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday to inspire me with some color combinations, I’m taking my next cue for the rug from St. Patrick’s Day!

Three more t-shirts got cut up last night and the rug is getting bigger…

For the braiding, I’ve been sitting in front of the TV and wrapping the long cord around my feet.  I’ll have to get a photo of that…it is quite ingenious of me if I do say so!  Ha ha!

I did have a bit of an issue though.  You see, when I started my coil I was just doing it in my lap.  Now that the coil is getting bigger I’ve moved to the table.  It’s a good thing because keeping it on the table I’m able to see if the rug will lie flat.  Well…my middle that I started kept popping up and out of shape.  It just wasn’t going to work.  So guess what?

Yes…I had to rip and remove about 6 inches!

Amazing just how much this was off.

So Step 2: Sew the coil on a FLAT surface!

I’ll keep coiling.  Tomorrow I’ll try and show you all my foot braid holder technique and how I’m actually sewing this together.  It’s seriously nothing fancy but you might want to know!



2 thoughts on “How about some Irish Colors for my rug?”

  1. Your rug looks good. Sally is asking when I am going to make her purple coat. I got a new sewing machine but so far haven’t used it. Need to get some lessons on it.


    1. Oooh! A new machine! How fun…
      Just let me know if you need help!
      I hope Sally will get her coat soon…those kids grow so fast!


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