Conventions, Original Sewing and Quilt Expo

The Original Sewing and Quilt Expo — Chicago

Actually, it’s Schaumburg, IL but close enough as the flights from O’Hare can be seen going in and out overhead.

Today is opening day at the expo and I hadn’t planned on actually going today but I just reviewed my confirmation envelope and there is a big door prize drawing going on at 5:30pm each day, and to win you have to be there!

So I guess I’ll try and zip over there about 4:30pm after work and hang out until the drawing.

I also need to put together my supplies that I’ll need for classes tomorrow.  One of the supplies is blue painter’s tape…?  I know.  I have no idea.  I wonder if purple tape will work?  I’m going to need it for a machine quilting class and I’m just dying to find out what it’s used for…I’m clueless!

The expo hasn’t been here since the Fall of 2009 so I hope it is bigger and better than the last!  Talk soon with all the scoop!