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Some Reading Material – Mary Jane’s Farm Magazine October 2011

I had an hour to burn a couple of days ago between getting my stitches taken out and driving to my physical therapy appointment so I stopped at Meijer to do some shopping.  The only reason I chose Meijer was because I knew I could use one of their in-store scooters to get around!!!

I’ve always seen those scooters, never used one, but let me tell you…it was a lifesaver!  My crutches went into the front basket and I was off, racing up and down the aisles.  I had so much fun!!

Well, I picked up a few magazines to read while there.  You just never know when you’ll be stuck waiting in a doctor’s office you know?  And so this one, Mary Jane’s Farm caught my eye.I picked it up more because I’m totally sold on the dream of having my own lovingly maintained organic farm (hired help of course) and curiosity about what articles I might read within.

I didn’t expect this little article on Quilting, which was really very well done, informative and beautiful pictures of antique quilts but what I didn’t get was the false advertising on the cover of the magazine!


Now grant you, I didn’t notice this at first, but now that I’ve read the quilting article I’ve gone back to the table of contents and I see NOWHERE in the magazine anything about learning to make your first quilt.  See…here is the table of contents:The project is making your own tuffet!  Not a quilt.  To some degree, there is a little follow-along on making an applique of a Sunbonnet Sue… see here:

Just nothing, nowhere, nada, is there anything about making your FIRST quilt!

So friends, I guess my point here is to just point out to you that this magazine certainly does a great job of design, articles, and has a very lovely scrappy book type feel to it.  A fun read BUT DON”T TRUST the HEADLINES!  That is such a pet peeve of mine!!!

I suppose the come back would be something of the sort such as “well we didn’t exactly say….LEARN to make your first quilt…” No.  It was a command?  MAKE your first quilt!!!

Just do it I guess!


Alright, my little rant is over.

Friends, I went back to work today!  I have made progress.  Just a few hours after my physical therapy appointment but I was actually back at work.  This brace is a leg killer though…I must do something about getting my leg in a more comfortable position that is for sure!

Today is also my 19th wedding anniversary.  Jim had wanted to take me to Door County, Wisconsin for the weekend but unfortunately I asked him if he could postpone the plans.  I wasn’t sure if my leg would allow me to really have a great time.  We’ll go…just maybe later in the year.I  I’ve never been to Door County, from everything I hear it is delightful, so I’m very excited!

As a consolation I asked Jim if he’d like to see a movie instead.  We don’t know what we’ll see but I’m sure it will be one of the favorites that are out right now.  I should be able to handle it…

Till later…