The Little Wheels Quilt Project – Just another little quickie project!


This came in the mail:Most times I like to just go to the store, pick something up off of the registry and be done but this time I think I will actually try to use up some fabric that has been lingering around here for a while…Super cute, right?

I mean, who can’t fall in love with some bears on a skateboard?

And it’s been hanging out in my scrap pile for a long time…so what a perfect time to use it up!  I have plenty to use as the neutral and the backing for a small crib size quilt…perfect!

I have the 16 Patch Pinwheel project in full swing and have been cutting and sewing some blocks together to give me a better idea how this will turn out as a baby quilt.

I’ve pulled some reds, greens, blues and yellows from the stash and have chosen a ‘Water Wheel’ block.  I’ve made just a few blocks and laid them out on the table… what do you think?  Yeah or Nay?

Does it matter if the prints aren’t exactly boyish?  I was going for the bright colors; red, yellow, green and blue.

My thought was to get 16 of these blocks together for a 4×4 size quilt.  It would be about 40″ x 40″ when all done.  I’m stepping into uncharted territory here readers so wish me luck!  I have until October 22nd to get this done…yippers!