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More Fall Colors and Party Prepping

We are having a going away (or Good Luck!) party today for Einstein.  I know what you’re thinking, a party for a dog?  NO.  It’s a party for us, the humans, and Einstein is the excuse to break out the grill, paint the chairs, invite friends over and clean the house…and have a good time on a brilliant Fall Saturday afternoon!

C’mon people!  Lighten up!  Enjoy!  Secretly, I know you all want to have the chance to see him off!  So there!

Anyhoo…the Fall colors continue here in Northern Illinois.  This has been an exceptional season.  And mild weather too!  We’ve only had a few days of threatening storms…

Like that one above!  Usually one of these storms comes through and takes all the leaves off of the trees…and there goes our Fall colors! But WOW!  Look at our Silver Maple.  The Silver Maple is usually one of the last of the trees to turn.  Might be true for all maples but not so sure.  I just know this tree is usually last and we have to get the leaves out to the street by the last of the leaf pick-up dates.  Thankfully we only have one of these trees but Wow…this year it has been so brilliantly yellow!In the front yard you can already see that parkway tree and a few others have lost their leaves entirely! The grass is still green and Jim even mowed, mostly to mulch in some leaves, but to trim too!And the peach tree…still hanging on.  Hopefully it will produce next season, and for all the trouble it gave us this year with losing its leaves and then re-growing the leaves and giving us only 6 small peaches, those second set of leaves sure did turn golden!

And Einstein?  He’s ready to party…More later!


2 thoughts on “More Fall Colors and Party Prepping”

  1. The tree is gorgeous and you have made Einstein come alive for us! We will miss him, but then, I know there are more adventures around the corner and can’t wait for the next installment.

    Looking forward to seeing you at Christmas.
    Love, MOM


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