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What Ever Happened to My Dream Sewing Space?

Oh Friends!

What ever happened to my dream sewing space?  Remember? DSCF2937 Jim and I worked really hard to put together my own creative room, a place to control the chaos that can happen sometimes…err…more often then not!

I know what happened, a project here, a side project there, a torn ACL and a move/shake-up of my sewing space.  I just don’t want to think about all these projects that got started and just never got finished!  Gosh!  Where does one begin to tackle it?  Should I even show you all what I’m talking about?

Oh heck…I am sooooooo not the organizational obsessed.  Ready?

Aaaaggggghhhh!!!!DSCF2926 So I guess for the next week or so I’m going to be hunkered down in here doing some straightening up and organizing.  I was fairly productive when I was away from this chaos and down stairs on the dining room table.  I concur that a clean space is a productive space!  Just getting clean…now that’s the challenge!

I’ll keep working!  Can’t you just wait to see what I uncover in here?


5 thoughts on “What Ever Happened to My Dream Sewing Space?”

  1. I cross the fingers, you’ll tidy up quickly and discover there lots of treasures 🙂
    Don’t worry about the little mess, I’ve got the same problem everyday with my little sewing space 4m.2 (see? very little) and I know what that mean. I suppose that more then half of women’s population iwth this hobby have got the same problem as well 😀

    OK then tidy up your mess and sew and sew and sew…. I love to visit your blog and watch what job you did again 🙂
    Greetings from Poland and take care!

    1. Oh yes! I am tidying up! I have so much! Wow…I’ve reached Poland…how wonderful to hear from you!

      1. I’m glad, that you’re happy to hear in Poland people like you as well, but you definitely deserve it! I’d like also invite you for visit my blog and I hope you like it too. I know for now it will dificulte to read my posts, because they’re only in Polish, but… I promisse I’ll change it very soon. I need only little time to translate all my posts (thanks God is not many yet, because I just started blogging 2 months ago)

        I understand that I should sharing my ideas not only in Polish, and English too. It will not everything perfect, as my English is not perfect, but I’m full of hope everything you could understand 🙂

        Very soon I’ll make a candy (Christmas give away) so I’d like you invite you there also… so fell free to join me 🙂

        I hope your leg gets better. Hugs!

      2. Wow, I LOVE your blog! So many fun things you have done! You are right, I cannot read Polish, but don’t worry someplace on the computer is a translator, they work okay and sewing is a language that is universal!!!!
        The leg IS getting better! Thank you so much. I must add you to me blog reading list!

  2. I look forward to the ‘after’ photo now that I’ve seen the ‘before’ photo. LOL! I am seriously considering a sewing studio makeover next year. I really want to paint my space apple green and white. :O)

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