The JamCat Fleece Project Reveal!

Wow, can you believe this fleece project has been the subject of this blog for over a month? This is definitely one of the longest blogging adventures I’ve been on but friends, it is time to wrap this one up and get right on with the big reveal!

So the last thing I had to do was finish the sleeve hems.  I cut off about 1-1/2 inches and turned under the edges another 1-1/2” and stitched, leaving an opening to thread in some elastic.DSCF0719  Stitch the elastic together and finish the remaining top-stitching…

And Viola!  A Fleece Jacket!


The chalk marks will come out in the wash.  Friends, this was a fun and challenging project, with 7 zippers!  Two in the underarm mind you!

Thanks for staying with me!  Enjoy!

Update 3-26-13…the JamCat Fleece and Jamba visit Hines VA Hospital…DSCF4156

One year after completing the JamCat fleece, the jacket is holding up nicely!


10 thoughts on “The JamCat Fleece Project Reveal!”

  1. That is an accomplishment… good work. Hope it becomes one of Jim’s favorite jackets! I look at my wardrobe and find my favorite clothes are ones I wear for years simply because I did make it, it never seems to wear out and IT FITS!


  2. This looks great! I just started on a fleece jacket for a man friend last night, and decided that I had better google around to see how others achieved a professional finish. I’m very impressed with the details here! Thanks for recording all this info for reference.


  3. I love your jacket project! Amazing! I was fantasizing about making a “Denali” jacket for a trip to Alaska this summer, after seeing the prices of North Face gear in my local sporting goods shop. Yikes!! I found the company that makes the actual fabrics that go into the Denali and they sell by the yard. I think the Denali is made of Polartec Classic 300 and another abrasion-proof fabric they offer for the chest and arm backs. The website is in case anybody is interested. Thanks for the blog! Sam


    1. Hi Sam,
      Thanks for the link! I’m glad you enjoyed the JamCat Fleece Project postings and I would encourage you to make a fleece jacket! The Denali Jacket is really very nice but just like you I had a hard time with the price tag. My version was about $70 if I remember correctly, so still it was a little bit of money but not nearly as much as the North Face. After a year, Jim still wears it quite a bit and it is really very warm despite using a different fleece! Good luck with yours and I hope you have a great time in Alaska!


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