Estate Sale Fines

A Fabric and Quilting Estate Sale – A Sewer’s Treat!

Happy Saturday!

(or Sunday for that matter, as I’m writing this Sunday morning…hee, hee!)

Guess what I did yesterday?  No, I didn’t do the West Suburban 7 store Valentine’s Shop Hop that I was thinking about but instead, my dear hubby sent me a link to an estate sale for fabric lovers, and I changed plans post haste!   Yippee!!!DSCF0754 I LOVE estate sales and a sewing and quilting estate sale is very rare so I HAD to go and check it out.  Sometimes I’m disappointed because I think the people running the sale OVER VALUE their sewing inventory but at this sale I thought it was not too bad.  Turned out it was the actual owner of this collection that was conducting the sale, unusual but not unheard of, just a little tricky when you need to negotiate.

Fortunately, yesterday, she was nearly in the mood to just say ‘TAKE IT ALL’!!! But not quite, her daughter wasn’t going to let us get away with that.  We knew we could have talked the mother into it but the daughter was holding firm.  Darn!!!

The sale was inside this three car garage attached to their house.  The entire garage plus that loft space above the garage was loaded with all kinds of crap sewing related goodies…

DSCF0755 The upstairs loft housed the quilting cottons and I was fortunate to choose some in colors I was collecting…purples, teals and blacks…DSCF0756 And then came downstairs and found a couple of magazines and an old 1953 Home Economics Extension Office recipe book on cookies!  How fun!DSCF0762 My damage was $15 for roughly 5 yards of fabric and the magazines/recipe book.  There was plenty to choose from…quilting sale

Then it was back home to get these fabrics in the wash and get ready for a dinner out.  It was my sister’s birthday and I treated the whole gang to dinner at Tuscany, her choice.  The food was excellent, the wine delicious, and it was a very happy birthday!

Till tomorrow…I broke out something you garment sewers either love or hate…